Monday, March 16, 2009

Daren's Birthday Invitations

I really like making the kids birthday invitations every year, and Rob's agitation with the entire process does not dissuade me! So this weekend, I realized we need to get these invitations out asap.

I just got the Cricut Camp Out cartridge, and it was perfect for these invitations. Daren loves the outdoors and going hunting. So I thought I would try to incorporate that into his invitations.

I also used a sewing machine to stitch around the edge. (It's not supposed to be straight Mom!) I was going for a rustic effect

At the top of the invitations, I put a little sign that says "Moose be another Birthday". That stamp was the freebie this month at Clear Dollar Stamps. And of course, on the left I put moose tracks from the Camp Out cartridge.

I am really happy with how these turned out. However, after they were all finished, and Daren was looking at them, he pointed out to me that I have the wrong year for the date of the party! Ha ha! Oh well - they went out like that!

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