Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Griswalds do Florida!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted this week - we have been vacationing in Florida. I have some great pictures to share.

On Wednesday, we went to Sea World in Orlando, and Rob's Grandma joined us. She was a real trooper - almost 87 years old, and she walked the entire park with us all day! She is a really interesting lady and we love spending time with her!

We took an airboat ride through the everglades, and fortunately we were able to see about 6 alligators!

This was the biggest one we saw:

Of course while we were here, we went to Primanti's, Fort Lauderdale. The food was just as good as our Pittsburgh Primantis! I thought it was funny - on the menu, they list the Pittsburgher (Cheese Steak - my favorite) as the #2 best seller (same as at home). Someone from another table asked what the #1 best seller was, and the waiter said the pizza - WHAT? Everyone knows the #1 best seller at Primanti's is the beer! Ha Ha!

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